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Cia’s Bio

After dabbling in knitting since I was 7 years old, I finally got serious at 24 years of age when my son was born.

Since then, 1981, I have been what would be considered obsessed! So obsessed, that about 6 months into my knitting frenzy my local yarn shop asked me to work for them. Two years later I opened my own yarn shop until we moved to Texas in 1994.

In that turn to Texas I honed my sales personality. The move to
California eventually brought me full-circle back into the knitting world where my knitting knowledge and my sales abilities have joined forces to be a successful yarn sales representative.

Through the years of tangling my fingers around yarn and needles, my design sense has been popping out. I found it frustrating to be looking and looking for the pattern that I saw in my head. So it naturally led me to designing my own.

With that skill being honed during my tenure as an independent yarn sales rep, I was recognized by Plymouth Yarn Company. Now that I have been the Design Director for Plymouth for 2 years, I found the opportunity to  be creative as the Director of Marketing. It brings me full circle to utilize my journalism/public relations skills I learned in college years ago.