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Just Announced-Pantone Color of 2014

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

From the Design Director’s Desk- Cia Abbott Bullemer

This is the color chosen via Pantone the Color Experts. They predict what the colors will be-or do they set the trend-? What follows what? The chicken or the egg…


Here at Plymouth, we have several different yarns that fill this color range already.  Consider using one of these  for your next cowl, cardigan or baby girl’s cuddly blanket that she will drag around for years to come.  It is just a color that radiates warm sunshine, peace and tranquil emotion.

Baby Alpaca Grande color 834 Baby Alpaca Worsted color 8620, Cleo color 139, DeAire color 7713, Dynamo color # 3, Encore color 958 or color 458, Eros color 7107, Galway 132 or 177, Gina color 1 or color 8, Heaven color 55, Jeannee Worsted color 25, Johanne color 10, Kudo color # 54, Oh My color 9624, Pasea color 1014, Toria color 56, Whitney color 2001, Worsted Merino Superwash color 64 and Sahara color 1312.

Is that enough to choose from?


Summer’s coming! Summer’s coming!

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

Kudo Half Linen Cowl

Written by Cia Abbott Bullemer on 5/2/13

Let’s knit something that we can work up quickly.  And in the end have a nice accessory that can be worn on a nice summer evening, or carried along for that blasting air conditioning indoors.  And then lo and behold you will find it is your “go-to” accessory for all seasons.

I know this for a fact because I made one of these about 2 years ago with Kudo. And I seriously wear it all year long.  Even if the reasoning is to just spruce up your color for the day, or to ward off that chill at the back of the neck.  And there is inevitably always a nice comment by someone every single time I wear it.

This one in the pattern is made out of a new colorway # 61, I adore. Get outside the box and find your favorite Kudo color. My first one I made was out of  # 47.  Cheerful, huh?    It only takes ONE ball and pretty mindless – but not brainless- to knit. I always love knitting this stitch, Half Linen Stitch. It lays beautifully, it is fun to work, and not as much work as seed stitch or the sand stitch.  But almost the same motion.

Have fun! And click here to find a shop near you!

F505 Kudo Half Linen Cowl

Cotton Stripes

Sunday, May 17th, 2009

For Spring 2009, Plymouth introduced a new cotton/rayon/silk blend yarn with beautiful striping- KUDO.  Much like its winter cousin- BOKU- this yarn’s subtle transitioning from one color to another is intriguing. 

When setting the gauge for KUDO, I went with a somewhat looser look to allow the yarn to drape softly.  The garments knitted in this yarn work so well at this gauge- producing body hugging with the tighter fitting garments, and draping with the capes and shawls.  I had a shop owner tell me recently that several of her customers were knitting the Clapotis (see for the pattern) with KUDO because it would drape the shoulders so lovingly. 

KUDO is available in 8 colors.  The designs for KUDO are so fast & easy to knit that you can easily whip up a top for this summer, and make it do double duty as a layering piece this fall.  You will glow in the colorful fabric this yarn produces.

Try it!

Kudo Topper 1601

Kudo Topper 1601

Kudo Shrug 1610

Kudo Shrug 1610

Kudo Capelet 1609

Kudo Capelet 1609