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Vanessa’s Bio


I grew up around yarn. Knitting machines, cones of yarn, sweaters, and knitted toys surrounded my play areas. Ladies and grannies would come into my mom’s yarn shop and pick out yarn for their loved ones, spending what seemed like hours searching for that perfect design and yarn color. It was all fascinating but not for me. This little tom boy liked playing outside rather than indoors, and all the wisdom of the older knitters could not sway me into picking up those needles.

I made my first sweater when I was 13 and the love affair began. Loving the idea of unique knits, I decided to pursue a career in fashion design. I attended Moore College of Art and Design and learned the principles of design. In 2007, I went to London and interned with designer Debbie Bliss and British Knitwear label Weardowney. After receiving my BFA in 2008, I looked for jobs that would really challenge me and hone my skills. As a leader in the knitwear/yarn industry, Plymouth Yarn Company was an outstanding and highly respected choice. It’s been almost 5 years since I started at Plymouth Yarn. I am thrilled to be the new Design Director as of April 2014!