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Knitting needles find Cancer?

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

You really have to read this story to believe it. A lady fell and her knitting needle broke in her chest.  At the hospital the needle was removed.  Upon further review of the Xray they discovered breast cancer .  This aired last Friday on ABC’s 20/20  and it is a freaky random thing, but we all know that early detection is key to fighting this disease.

Ellin Klor

Ellin Klor

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Poppin’ Fun

Sunday, July 12th, 2009



One of the new yarns from Plymouth for Fall 2009 is called Poppin’.  This is a nylon puff yarn- with small Pom-pons along a core strand.  As soon as I saw it I knew we had to have it.  But it took awhile to figure out how to work with it.   It ended up being easier to work with than I thought it would be, and will give you a great scarf in a minimum of time.

Linda from Knitter’s Dream in Harrisburg, PA made some changes to one of the patterns I did for this yarn and those changes produced a great striped scarf.  She has agreed to share her pattern here with us.  Many thanks to Linda for a fun and easy scarf pattern using Poppin!

Poppin Scarf
Poppin Scarf


Finished Size:    4.25” x 90”  (2 Pieces 4.25” by 45” graphed together)
Materials:  2 skeins of Poppin  (1 ea in 2 different colors – Color A #20 – Black & Color B – #01 White)
Gauge:  2 Garter Stitches and 1 Poppin ball = 1.25”
Needles:   Size 9 – 24” circular  (or size necessary to obtain gauge) 
NOTES:  Use the string inbetween each poppin “puff” ball to knit 2 stitches.
            There will be 2 garter stitches inbetween each Poppin “puff” ball.
             Only knit with the String!  (2 stitches per string)   EXCEPT when binding  off –  THEN  knit 1 stitch per string.  (This keeps the bind-off loose to preclude curling.)
             Because you are using 2 different colors – do not cut yarn – carry yarn along to preclude having to cut and tie – this makes a smoother edge!
1.  With Size 9 and Color A, using long-tail cast-on, cast on 84 stitches (remember to cast on 2 stitches per string).  (It may be a bit tight – but it works nicely!)
2.  Knit 3 more rows using Color A. (Counting the cast-on row – this gives you 4 rows with Color A)
3.  Tie on Color B (White) (DO NOT CUT COLOR A)  and Knit 2 rows.   Cross Color A over color B before proceeding.   (This interlocks the 2 colors to preclude a gapping string from Color A)
4.  Knit 2 more rows with Color B.
5.  Change to Color A and knit 4 more rows (Remembering to cross previous color over the current color – especially after knitting 2 rows).
6.  Change to Color B and knit 4 more rows.
7.  Change to Color A , knit 3 rows.
8.   Bind off lossely by using only 1 knit stitch per string.
MAKE A SECOND  identical to above reversing the 2 colors.     Start with Color B (instead of A)
Graph or sew the 2 pieces together – Enjoy!     This is extremely soft and warm!!
Many thanks to:
Linda Stakem Smith – Knitters Dream, LLC  from the Plymouth Yarn Company

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