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Bungee Sock Yarn

Friday, October 30th, 2009

I put on a new pair of socks today – made from our yarn, BUNGEE.  Wow, I am so HAPPY with them.  They feel great.  Fit great!  I have had them on all day, for over 10 hours and they still maintain their shape.

My foot in my BUNGEE sock

My foot in my BUNGEE sock

Today, I am referring to them as my 12 hour socks.  Hey, some company has an eight hour bra.  I never really understood that one.  What happens at the ninth hour??  Does it no longer work?  Does the bra disappear like the stuff in the Fairy Tale,  Cinderella?    LOL.  Anyway, love the way this yarn holds it’s shape through the day.

Beautiful fall colors.  Check out the colors.

Look at me with my foot on my desk!  Too funny!

My foot on my desk with BUNGEE yarn

My foot on my desk with BUNGEE yarn

It is Friday afternoon and I am looking forward to a fun weekend.

A perfect yarn to knit today…or tomorrow…

Hopefully you all have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN! !!!

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Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

We’ve reached a big deadline at the design department at PYC. This past week we had a photo shoot of our newest designs for Spring 2010. Though many of you won’t be able to see these until a couple months from now, we are really excited about the upcoming season! The designs for spring feature our classic yarns like Encore, Encore Chunky, and Baby Alpaca Grande. But we have also designed heavily for our new yarns, which will be hush hush for now.

Ever wonder what goes on at our photo shoots? Basically, JoAnne and I plan on what patterns will be brought out for the next season. We then gather our garments that were lovingly hand knit by our test knitters and plan what models we need to come. At this particular photo shoot, JoAnne and I will need a child at 3 months, a 4 year old boy and girl, a man, a tall female model, and a petite female model. There is a lovely studio in Bethlehem Pennsylvania, off of Broad Street, where the photography takes place.

Linda, who is our garment aficionado, takes care of the look of the garments and makes sure they are pressed and sewn. JoAnne and I instruct the models to get the best features of the knits, whether it is a sleeve detail or a stunning silhouette. Our wonderful photography team, John and Troy, are excellent at fine tuning the correct amount of lighting for each garment as well as making the rest of us laugh at their jokes. By the end of the day we get so exhausted and cannot wait for the last garment to be finished. We hope you enjoy the beautiful photos to accompany our patterns.

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and more Cowls

Sunday, October 11th, 2009

A couple of weeks ago I posted about the latest rage- Cowls.   I intend to carry on more about them because I just can’t stress strongly enough what a great knitted accessory they are.  Fast and easy to knit, and soft and warm around your neck, cowls are an absolute wardrobe must for this fall-winter season.

This week I have a photoshoot which will contain about six cowls – most knitted in Baby Alpaca Grande.  I can’t imagine a softer yarn for around your neck.

So keep watch- right here next week -I will have some photos to post showing new, fast & easy knitted cowls.  I promise a free pattern or two  as well.