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Royal Llama Silk Hat

Friday, January 29th, 2010

Royal Llama Silk Hat by Jan Wise

Royal Llama Silk Hat by Jan Wise

I promised last month that I would get you the pattern for this really fine hat by Jan Wise.  After some coaxing she agreed to share her talents.  Here is the pattern.   NOTE:  PATTERN HAS BEEN CORRECTED FOR THE TURNING ROW. jbt

Thanks Jan, and Happy Knitting to all


Slouchy Hat With Picot-Edge
Designed by Jan Wise, Mount Vernon, WA – June 24, 2009
Materials:  2 skeins Plymouth Yarn Royal Llama Silk
(shown in #1002/Gray, #1844/Moss and #1842/Denim)
(102 yds per/skein) or 200 yds worsted weight yarn

Needles:  US Size 6 (4.00 mm) – 16” circular
US Size 8 (5.00 mm) – 16” circular and 5 double points
Or sizes needed to obtain gauge

Gauge:  4.5 stitches = 1-inch on size 6 needles
4 stitches and 6 rows = 1-inch on size 8 needles

Sizes:  Finished sizes 19.55, 20 – inches at band/opening

TERMS: Kf&b – knit front and back of stitch to make increase
K2 tog – knit two stitches together to decrease

Using the smaller circular needle, cast on 88 (90) stitches.
Leave a long tail (18-24 inches) to use when sewing up hem.
Join without twisting, place marker between first and last sts.

Rounds 1-4:  Knit
Round 5 (turning row):  *YO, K2tog*, repeat to end of round.
Rounds 6-10:  Knit
Round 11:  Purl
Round 12:  Knit
Round 13:  Purl
Rounds 14-15:  Knit
Round 16: *YO, K2tog*, repeat to end of round.
Round 17-18:  Knit
Round 19:  Purl
Round 20:  Knit
Round 21:  Purl
Rounds 22-24:  Knit
Round 25 (increase rnd):

19.55-inch Size:  [(K2, k1f&b) x3, K1, K1f&b] x8 (120 sts)

20-inch Size:  *K2, K1f&b*, repeat to end (120 sts)

Change to larger circular needle

Rounds 26-27:  Knit

Pattern Stitch:
Round 28:  Purl
Round 29:  Knit
Round 30:  Purl
Rounds 31-36:  Knit
Repeat Rounds 28-36 Two more times (ending on Round 54).

Shape Top:
Round 55:  Purl
Round 56:  Knit
Round 57:  Purl
Rounds 58-62:  Knit
Round 63 (decrease round): *K1, K2 tog*, repeat to end (80 sts)
Round 64:  Purl
Round 65:  Knit
Round 66:  Purl
Round 67:  Knit
Round 68 (decrease rnd):  *K2 tog*, repeat to end (40 sts)
Round 69:  Knit
Round 70 (decrease rnd):  *K2 tog*, repeat to end (20 sts)
Round 71:  Knit
Round 72:  Purl
Round 73 (decrease rnd): *K2 tog*, repeat to end (10 sts)
Round 74:  Purl
Round 75:  Knit

Cut yarn.  Thread tail through remaining stitches.  Pull tightly and fasten off on inside of hat.  Weave in end.
Turn under the hem at the bottom/beginning of the hat and sew in place with tapestry needle using the long beginning tail.  Weave in ends.

Winter Knit Simple Coming this week

Monday, January 25th, 2010

Knit Simple Winter 09/10

Knit Simple Winter 09/10

The new issue of Knit Simple- which hits the newsstands tomorrow-January 26- features a great tutorial on socks – and it uses our own Happy Feet.  This sock yarn is a magnificent blend of fine merino superwash and nylon with a high twist for great strength.  Happy Feet is available in over 20 colors.  There is also a DK weight version called Happy Feet DK.

Knit SimpleWinter 09/10, photo by Paul Amato

Knit SimpleWinter 09/10, photo by Paul Amato



Suri Merino

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010


The weather lately has been a bit milder than usual- but still not warm enough to put away those wintery warm sweaters. Suri Merino is a great choice- having the best of both worlds. Mostly Alpaca with Merino Wool, it has a wonderful hand.


Amanda's Bubble Top knit in Suri Merino

Suri Merino is beautiful in this sweater!

10 balls of Suri Merino color 402

10 balls of Suri Merino color 402

I love the button details in the bottom ribbing and the neckline is really fun- perfect for those brisk winter winds.

Pattern is from the book, “Knitting Nature,” by Norah Gaughan.

Cozy Chair

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

Check out this comfy chair, hand knit by a group of knitters in Illinois:


Handknitted chair in Encore Chunky at Klose Knit in Urbana, IL.

The pattern is from the book, “Simple Knits with a Twist” by Erika Knight.

According to the pattern, it takes about 4500 yards- that’s 36 balls of Encore Chunky!


Hand Knit by Steven and the crew at Klose Knit


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Kudo Shrug

Monday, January 4th, 2010

I saw this shrug and just had to write about it!

Simple, adorable stockinet stitch is perfect for our self striping Kudo

I love the gradual rounded shape of the fronts as they proceed toward the neckline.

Kudo color 47, Hand knit by Karen

Hand knit by Karen, designed by Martin Storey

You can match up the color of the sleeves if you like for a more uniform look- OR work the yarn in an artsy freeform with whatever color pops out next in the skein.

Kudo- 55% Cotton, 40% Rayon, 5% Silk

Kudo- 55% Cotton, 40% Rayon, 5% Silk, 4.5 sts/#7, 198 yds/100G hank

Browse our patterns for more inspiration with Kudo

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